Call Of Duty 2025 Will Be Black Ops 2 Sequel - Report
Don't confuse this with the rumored Black Ops game set during the Gulf War planned for 2024.
Dev Behind Highly Regarded PC Game Explains Why He Raised The Price: "Go Pirate It, I Don't Care"
David Szymanski is hoping publicity from the upcoming film makes up for lower sales volumes right now.
The Last Of Us Part 2 Remastered Preorders Available Ahead Of January Release
Along with the standard edition, you'll find a currently sold out collector's edition exclusive to PlayStation Direct.
Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League Delayed To March On The Epic Games Store
The Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S versions will still be released on February 2.
Max Payne Voice Actor James McCaffrey, The Heart Of Remedy Games, Dies At 65
The voice behind Max Payne, Director Trench, Alex Casey, and more has died after a battle with cancer.
WoW's Night Elves Are Getting A New Home, And Some Are Upset The Horde Is Welcome
Though they are being watched closely, the Horde is free to explore the new Night Elf capital city.
The Original Xbox Console Almost Had An "Awkward" Naming Scenario
Thinking outside the ox.
Green Man Gaming's Winter Sale Has Tons Of Stellar PC Game Deals
Alan Wake 2, Dave the Diver, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade, and other great PC games are on sale at GMG.
Armored Core 6 Gets Massive Discount At Amazon
Treat yourself to some superb mech-like action in Armored Core 6.
Pokemon TCG World Championship Decks Feature Cards Played By The Very Best
The four sets release on March 1, but they're now up for preorder--as are a few other Pokemon-related goodies.
Destiny 2 Wish-Keeper Exotic Bow Guide - How To Start, Starcrossed Mission, And Catalysts
There's a new Exotic weapon in Destiny 2, but to get it, you'll need to complete a new mission.
How To Evolve Cottonee Into Whimsicott In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Indigo Disk DLC
Here's how to evolve Cottonee in The Indigo Disk DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
Activision Blizzard Will Pay $54 Million To California After Settling Lawsuit
More than two years later, California's lawsuit against Activision Blizzard is over.
Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick Leaving The Company Soon
Kotick had been the top executive at the Call of Duty company since 1991 and was involved in a number of controversies.
You Have More Time To Make Your Stadia Controller Useful Again
One more year, to be exact.
You Can Finally Watch Luigi In Action In Super Mario 64, Sort Of
A resurfaced VHS tape seems to show off-screen footage of Luigi's SM64 appearance.